We have been at work since 2001, with a goal to give clients the best fire protection. Our company has many options here. Thermal insulation is just one of them. In addition, we can work with professionals like construction companies and building facilitators. With their aid, we can help you prevent fires more easily.

One form of insulation used for fire protection is mineral wool. It is also known as stone wool. It has a recycled slag and natural basalt rock composition. Because of that, it has a series of valuable attributes like its mould, water, and fire resistance. Mineral wool is becoming a top option for people who want to boost their passive fire protection.

SWP projects

The advantages of mineral wool mean it is perfect for sandwich wall panel (SWP) projects. The reason why is because the material is inorganic and non-combustible. Moreover, it does not contribute to toxic gases or harmful smoke when there is a fire.

Mineral wool will give users great thermal insulation performance too. This is while it is offering the advantage of good sound absorption and moisture resistance. There is also the environmental benefit to think about; it is a green, sustainable choice.

The places you can use mineral wool insulation

Thermal insulationIn the past people would use the insulation just for industrial and commercial buildings. You use it on low slope roof applications and cavity walls. In addition, you can use it on curtain and interior walls.

While those above are the most common uses, people are also exploring its potential for other applications. Examples include one, two, and three hour, and fire rated SWPs. This is due to the higher demand for fire resistance in structures. There is also the increasing trend for using environmentally sustainable products. The stricter building codes are on most minds too.

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