The importance of passive fire protection is an ever growing industry, PFP is an important component of any fire strategy, playing a vital and increasingly significant role in the safeguarding of people, alongside limiting the damage to building and the content form fire or smoke. We can inspect any previous or ongoing installations to ensure that our solution is above and beyond standard.It is critical that the materials and systems specified are installed in-line with the manufacturer installation details to prevent deviation resulting in premature failure of the fire protection systems.

Our team has over 17 years of knowledge in the industry, providing trust that the work we produce is compliant, and frequently updated to suit industry institute guideline such as IFM and ASFP to ensure our inspection reports specify the latest information.

We inspect:

  • Penetration Seals/Fire Stopping
  • Cavity Barriers
  • Fire Barriers
  • Structural Steel Encasement
  • Ventilation Dampers
  • Fire resistant Partitions and linings
  • Intumescent Coatings

”A firestop is a fire protection system made of various components used to seal openings and joints in fire-resistance rated wall or floor assemblies.”

This is required under ‘Approved Document B’ of the Building Regulations.

Using the latest materials and tested systems available, Trident Fire Protection can ensure that all service penetrations and structure joints are sealed to the required performance to resist the spread of smoke and fire through the structure of the building.

If you have requirements for the sealing of penetrations or require assistance in choosing the correct system the suits your requirements, Trident Fire Protection are the company for you.

A buildings floor is usually the only protection from fire and smoke spreading vertically through the structure, services passing between floors create an opening for the passage of fire and smoke.

Using high strength firestop compound a seal can be created around mechanical and electrical service penetrations, which is able to take foot and vehicle traffic.

The Firestop Compound provides a fire resisting seal around service penetrations within fire rated walls and floors. Tested to BS476: Part 20 1987, Firestop Compound provides up to 6 hours fire protection.

  • Provides up to 6 hours fire protection
  • No smoke emission
  • No maintenance required
  • Load Bearing

Rigid and Semi-Rigid Board solutions provide integrity to Structural Steelwork Beams and Columns. These systems are cost effective and provide many additional benefits.

Systems that help to reduce the sound transfer within buildings. Sealing of all penetrations and closing off open cavities.

Installation of phenolic, mineral wool or glass fibre insulation boards meets the thermal insulation performances standard currently set out in Part L of the Buildings Regulations.

Working with main contractors we offer a specialist service in the assistance of perimeter air sealing. We can provide an initial survey and inspection, carry out the works on site and final air integrity tests. We work within building regulations to meet part L of current building regulations.

Fire and smoke curtains are critical in reducing the spread of smoke and fire throughout the structure of a building. They are a cost-effective solution to compartmentalising large areas and are quickly installed with minimal disruption to the surrounding areas.

Barriers come in different systems offering integrity only, or integrity and insulation.

Integrity only barriers should not be used in timber truss constructed roof spaces, if you have very thin single membrane material installed in timber truss areas this is not sufficient as the heat from fire radiates through these barriers, igniting the non-fire side well below the 30 minutes required.

We can specify and install a variety of different smoke and fire barriers to meet your requirements of up to 120 minutes compartmentation.

We offer a full compartmentation inspection and surveying service, having trained and experienced surveyors allows us to give you a full report on any issues that may reduce the effectiveness of a buildings fire strategy.

We also inspect fire doors using a reporting software, which creates a report with photographic evidence of any defects or issues.

We offer a full consultancy service to our clients, helping you to find the most suitable and cost effective approach to any passive fire protection project.

Fire rated walls and ceilings can be essential in stopping the spread of fire and smoke through a building. We can specify and install specialist systems from manufacturers such as British Gypsum, Knauf and Promat.

Impact and blast proof walls are installed in high risk areas such as electricity transformer rooms, document archive stores, gas plants and distilleries.

These systems can withstand huge pressures involved in explosions and impact from debris. Formed from fire resistant cement core sandwiched between two pressed steel sheets they can withstand fire for up to 4 hours.