A competent person should regularly inspect fire protection systems to ensure they will perform properly. They should look at things like the condition of seals, doors, and insulation. In addition, they must not forget to do fire damper tests. It cannot be underestimated how vital they can be in the event of a fire.

Functions to check

Fire damper testsThe tester should take a close look at each damper to inspect its functions. There are a number of important things to examine at here.

Firstly they should ensure the damper will trigger when necessary. That means examining the fusible link or any other mechanism that triggers the damper’s closure. It is a good idea to set them off and then reset everything carefully. That way the tester can ensure everything is in order. They must check for any signs of issues such as jamming.

The second thing to look at is the integrity of the fire dampers. They should be in a good condition and be installed correctly. If there are any signs of wear or corrosion it may be necessary to replace them.

Thirdly, the tester should look at the insulation. The aim here is to ensure that the materials are in good condition and will block fire and smoke for the necessary period of time. Again if there are any issues such as wear it may be a good idea to replace the damper. If there is a risk of smoke leakage, replacement may also be the only option.

Do you need to arrange fire damper tests?

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