A vital part of fire spread containment and effective compartmentation is ensuring that the flames and smoke cannot easily travel through a building. One way to do this is install fire rated walls & ceilings. They should be materials that won’t immediately burn through. Instead they will withstand the smoke and heat for a period of time.

Load bearing

Fire rated walls & ceilings

Smoke alarm in a modern building

In many cases you don’t need to think about the fire proofing on load bearing walls. This is because they will likely be brick or block. These materials have good natural fire resistance and can stop fires and smoke from spreading.

However it may be necessary to take extra precautions with beams. If the wall has a steel beam it must provide at least 30 minutes of resistance. The easiest way to achieve this is to install plasterboard or other materials that can resist fire. Many people will use two layers of these materials to get the right amount of protection.

Some load bearing walls have timber beams rather than steel ones. As a result they need even more additional fire proofing. The beam itself will have some inherent fire resistance based on the type of timber. However it may also need special treatment to protect it plus plasterboard covering and fire proof insulation.

Non-load bearing

A bigger risk is walls that are self supporting or simple partitions. These may not have any brick or blocks in them at all. As a result it is even more important that the materials have the right fire resistance so they don’t allow compartment failure. There are lots of options here, including gypsum plasterboard. This lightweight material can create partitions with hours of fire resistance.

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At Trident Fire Protection & Training we know how crucial fire resistance is. We strive to help our clients keep the risk of fire spread to a minimum. This includes helping them to establish safe compartments. We can also inspect their current fire proofing to make sure there are no issues.

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