We’ve been providing cutting edge materials, technologies and know how since 2001. Working alongside building facilitators, construction companies we have determined the precise and accurate compliances to deliver all of the requirements to prevent the spread of fire. Our ethos is fixed on providing a high class service, at a better than best price. We don’t aim to be the cheapest solution on the market, but the most reliable, high class service.

Trident Fire Protection was established by Barry Jefferson, with over 20 years in the Fire Protection industry, his industry knowledge exceeds most. With a vast knowledge of the Fire Protection customer base, Trident understands each individual customer, as their own. Creating a step by step proposal for your exact and immediate need.

Consultancy, training and fire protection services are just some of the solutions Trident can offer your business.

“Trident Fire Protection exceeded our exception when bringing our loft fire breaks in line with the current regulations. The staff was professional, punctual and courteous all throughout the process. From day one, the Trident team endured cramped, awkward spaces to carry out their work to the highest of standards.”