Compartmentation surveysWe are a business that believes in offering everyone a first class service. This is vital for us as our speciality is fire protection. Part of our efforts involve us providing the finest compartmentation surveys. They allow us to carry out extensive assessments. This is to ensure that your building can protect inhabitants from fire and smoke.

It is preferable to include fire compartmentation in a new building’s design when you create it. However, you might not have discussed the issue at this time. You should not start to worry though. A number of retrofitting options still exist.

Installing barriers

One possibility is to install smoke and fire barriers post-construction. They are incredibly useful and also flexible in how you can use them. Most of them don’t need any kind of remodelling when you install them. They can depend on existing staircases or doorways, or be stand alone. The curtains can fit within the ceiling and over a staircase, elevator door, or doorway. When you connect them to a smoke detector, the curtain housing will open. It shall deploy to produce a barrier.

The dangers of elevators

Elevators pose a major risk when there is a fire. The reason why is that the elevator shaft’s air flow is capable of pulling smoke. It takes it from one floor up the shaft to separate floors. This spreads damage and can boost smoke inhalation.

To manage the issue, you need to be able to seal doors off. In the past, we did this by constructing an enclosed lobby that surrounded the elevators. Yet, this can be invasive. By utilising smoke barriers over the top of your elevator doors, it is possible to seal them off. As a result it can avoid bigger jobs to remodel the lobby.

Ask us about compartmentation surveys

At Trident Fire Protection & Training, we provide three levels of service with our compartmentation surveys. These are fully intrusive, semi intrusive, and visual. The latter is non-intrusive. We have expert surveyors, who will issue reports once they complete their work. This will give you the findings and useful advice.

So, if you would like our help, you are welcome to contact us.