Even a small fire in a building is a big risk. However, there is far more danger if there is any chance that the flames and smoke could spread quickly. This could make it very hard for people to evacuate and means a fire could quickly become unmanageable. The best thing to do is split the property into compartments. This can create barriers to prevent a fast spread. A compartmentation survey can help you to determine how to do this.


Compartmentation surveysThe key thing to remember is that compartmentation involves splitting the building into smaller parts. It is important to ensure that each compartment will be completely cut off from its neighbours. To do this you need fire proof materials for the walls, floor, and ceiling. They should be robust enough so they stop fire for a specific amount of time.

Good subdivision of a building also requires strategic placement of things like fire doors and dampeners. They are key parts of compartments. Without them fire or smoke would have routes to escape a space and spread through the building. In fact ducts need extra attention as they tend to pass through many compartments. This means they will be a weak point in your fire proofing.


Your compartmentation strategy should focus on allowing people to evacuate a building safely. To do this you should ensure that escape routes have the very best fire proofing. This includes corridors, lobbies, and stairwells. Each should be its own compartment and also have separation from other ones nearby.

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Sometimes it can be tricky to determine how safe your building is. There may already be some elements of fire proofing in place. However, they may not be as effective as they can be. Or they may be old and no longer able to offer the best level of protection. The best thing to do is get a professional survey. It will look at the current property, examining various elements to determine where to make improvements.

Trident Fire Protection & Training is a top name in our field. We set very high standards because we know just how vital our work is. We want to give our clients a clear idea of the risks. Then we want to give them as many options as possible to make properties safer.

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