For nearly two decades, our business has been specialising in fire protection. Due to our experience, we are able to offer a first rate service to those who request our aid. Our team is very knowledgeable about many key subjects, including specs for fire rated walls & ceilings.

Fire rated walls & ceilings

In many buildings it is important to create walls and ceilings that have the right fire ratings. The goal is to ensure that these surfaces will help to prevent fires from spreading rapidly. Instead they can contain them for various lengths of time.

The fire safety rules and regulations can differ massively by property. As an investor or landlord, it is important to know what they mean for your specific properties. One thing to note in particular is that the requirements for HMOs are more complex. That means you need to take a close look at them so you know what you need in terms of fire proofing.


One reason why HMO fire regulations are stricter is down to the tenants. It is always a possibility that they won’t get on that well or integrate properly. What you normally don’t have in standard buy to let structures or family houses is rooms that are regularly locked. With HMO’s this can be the norm. Locked rooms mean there are fewer clear exits, making it harder to leave the building. As a result the landlord must plan for this.

Higher risk

Fire protection rules change quite often with HMOs. This is particularly true since people consider them to be higher risk. The risks mean that there is more attention on them and extra pressure for landlords to get it right.

The layout

Rules are also stricter for HMOs because of the layout of properties. Splitting a property up into public areas and private rooms may cause some concerns with fire warning systems. As a result it may be necessary to extend them into private rooms. The landlord may also need to adapt the emergency lighting and ensure they provide proper signs for escape routes.

Need help with fire rated walls & ceilings?

At Trident Fire Protection & Training we know how essential fire proof materials are to safety. Surfaces like walls and ceilings should be substances that work to halt the spread of smoke and fire. To help, we specify and then install systems from top manufacturers. They will all have the correct fire ratings.

If you need our help with fire rated walls & ceilings in any kind of property, you are welcome to call us. We can offer surveys, advice, new installations, and maintenance too.