At Trident Fire Protection & Training Ltd we understand the value of thermal insulation. It can help to improve the energy efficiency of buildings by reducing how much external conditions influence the interior temperature. For example, it can keep interiors warmer when it is cold outside by reducing the amount of heat that escapes. Vice versa, it can block excessive heat outside from leeching in.

The UK has just experienced the hottest day on record, exceeding the 40 degrees Celsius mark for the first time in history. Monday and Tuesday put into stark focus that the built environment and infrastructure here is not meant for these temperatures. There are several reasons why, including:

Building design

Thermal insulationThe UK traditionally has a moderate climate. It is only in the last few decades that summers have been getting much hotter. As a result, most buildings were actually developed with colder temperatures in mind. Thicker walls are great for locking in heat, but this is not beneficial when it is excessively hot already.

There is also often a problem with ventilation. It can be the case in modern buildings or renovated properties if the design does not allow cross ventilation. This is especially likely in dense apartment blocks.

One thing that has been happening over the last few decades is a push to increase energy efficiency of homes. Installation of thermal insulation has been very popular. However, a poor design can cause issues too.

Urban planning

There is a concept known as the urban heat island effect where temperatures are higher in built up areas because of the abundance of concrete and heat absorbing materials. You can see this best in London where the temperature can be as much as 10 Celsius higher in the city centre than in rural areas.

Sadly the UK does have some issues with urban planning that can result in hotter temperatures in big cities. It can be worse if there isn’t a lot of greenery in an area.

Air conditioning

Finally, air conditioning isn’t widespread in the UK. The estimate is that less than 5% of homes have it. As a result, they can be incredibly warm when it is hot outside.

However, fitting air con units into older buildings is not easy, especially properties with solid walls. Plus, they are huge energy consumers responsible for big greenhouse gas emissions. So, using them is unwise anyway.

Talk to us about thermal insulation

Trident Fire Protection & Training Ltd is an excellent company to work with. We specialise in fire proofing and testing to reduce the risk to life and property. As part of this we can help with insulating properties and compartmentation.

So, if you are looking at thermal insulation to help you improve energy efficiency and conditions within properties, we are the team for you. Get in touch to learn more.