The thing about fire risk assessments is they normally won’t include a full inspection of fire compartmentation. Inspectors will likely miss areas that are out of reach, including in ceilings and under floors. In these cases, you should seek help from us. Ours is the number one company specialising in compartmentation surveys Coventry has. We recommend this because each check is more comprehensive.

To put it simply, fire compartmentation is critical if your aim is to suppress fires and how they can spread. The idea is to make it very hard for fire and smoke to move from one compartment to another. In addition, it can safeguard the means of escape. This is particularly vital in places where there is little separation or only a single route to the exit. For example, a small care home may only have one flight of stairs. The compartmentation will help to prevent fire from spreading here.

The case with hospitals

Compartmentation surveys CoventryPreventing the spread of fires and smoke is more important in hospitals. This is because it can be very hard for some people to leave quickly. As a result there needs to be systems in place to stop the spread and provide as much time as possible for people to evacuate.

The floor of a hospital could be an open plan that lacks partitions. However, the stairs need to be surrounded by fire doors and walls. This is to guarantee that a fire in any area can’t pass through into the stairway.

Areas that link fire compartments are what we call protected shafts. Examples of these include service corridors and stairways. They play a pivotal part in impeding fire spread between each compartment.

Hospitals and other huge structures depend more on fire compartmentation. It is wise to separate them into compartments because of the risks. The fire proof materials should be able to endure fire for a set amount of time. This is either externally or in the compartment. By stopping the spread there is more time for people to leave the building and for the emergency services to arrive to fight the fire.

Compartmentation surveys in Coventry

At Trident Fire Protection & Training, we provide three levels of service. These are fully intrusive, semi intrusive, and visual (un-intrusive). We have a team that has a wealth of experience and the best training. As a result you will get the best solution for your property.

If you need our help, don’t hesitate to contact us. We make it easy to arrange the best compartmentation surveys Coventry can offer. Whether it is a hospital, a large office block, or another big building, we are the perfect team to work with.