As the leading provider of compartmentation surveys Edinburgh has, we know how to take a close look at the fire safety measures in various properties. Our team are experts and have access to the best equipment. As a result we can survey each property carefully to find any risks. We can then offer suggestions, training and more to improve safety.

Fire doors

Compartmentation surveys EdinburghOne of the biggest challenges with compartmentation is how you can prevent fire and smoke from spreading but still let people move around. The solution is high quality fire doors. Each door should be able to withstand fire for as long as possible. This will give people the time to escape but keep the fire and smoke in the compartment for as long as possible.

When you choose fire doors you need to ensure they are fit for purpose. Most importantly they must be able to prevent fire and smoke from spreading for the right period of time. You need to look at the FD code to see how long this is. For example an FD30 code means the door has been tested and certified to stop fire and smoke for 30 minutes.

Essential features

The most important part of a fire door is the intumescent seal. This is a strip around the edge of the door that plays a crucial role in preventing fires from spreading. When the temperature in the compartment exceeds 200 degrees Celsius the seal will expand so it blocks the gap between the door and frame.

As well as the intumescent seal fire doors will have a cold smoke seal. This helps to prevent any smoke from filtering through the gap between the door and frame.

Ideally you should choose a door, frame, handle, hinges and securing device as a set. This will ensure they all work together effectively and reduce the risk of fire and smoke being able to spread.


All fire doors must have the right certification to ensure that they are fit for use. As well as the FD code they may need to meet an array of different regulations. This includes Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRFSO), BS 8214:2008, and Approved Document B. The doors should have a label or plug to certify they meet the regulations.

Arrange compartmentation surveys in Edinburgh

If you want a professional to have a close look at your property, we can arrange it. There are three survey options to choose from, including visual, semi intrusive, or fully intrusive. We also have reporting software for fire doors that can spot defects or issues.

You can rely on Trident to provide the best compartmentation surveys Edinburgh has to offer. Get in touch today and we can book one for you.