Compartmentation surveys BradfordAt Trident Fire Protection & Training our goal is to ensure that properties are as safe as possible. We do this in several ways, including offering the best compartmentation surveys in Bradford. One of our expert inspectors can have an in-depth look at your building and then offer suggestions.

A fire becomes even more dangerous within a property if the flames and smoke can spread really quickly. This can put more people at risk and could even compromise escape and entry routes. To tackle this problem, building owners can opt to split the building up into compartments. This prevents a rapid spread of fire and smoke by installing dampening materials and products like fire doors.

Unseen routes

Even if compartments seem to be properly split up, there may be some routes that fire and smoke can still take to move around the property. The most common ones that people miss are ducts, pipes, suspended ceilings, floors voids and joints, rafters and purlins in roofs. It is vital to keep all of these potential routes in mind or fire and smoke could spread unseen.


The best thing to do if you want to effectively prevent fire and smoke from taking unseen routes is to seal compartments. For example there should be fire seals and dampening materials on all service penetrations, including pipes and ducts. It is very difficult to ensure they don’t penetrate different compartments but you can ensure that a fire in one cannot take these routes to spread. You should also seal linear joints.

Compartmentation surveys in Bradford

If you have any concerns about fire and smoke being able to spread in your property, we can help. Trident Fire Protection & Training Ltd is a market leader with an excellent reputation. We can carefully check all compartments within your property. This includes looking into ceilings, below floors, and in walls to check any potential risks. We will check all seals, especially measures to prevent fire and smoke from moving through compartment lines.

You can contact us if you have any questions about our services and why you should invest in them. We are happy to offer advice, training, and our professional recommendations. This is what makes us the top provider of compartmentation Surveys Bradford has to offer. We have the right equipment and an expert team so you get the best service.