Compartmentation Surveys Glasgow

We are a business tasked with providing the finest fire protection solutions. Our services are comprehensive, include surveying, testing, and training. We happen to be the top team working in compartmentation surveys Glasgow has. It is our job to look at those areas that are typically hidden from view. As a result, we see if they meet the necessary standards and maximise safety.

In the world of fire compartmentation, there are breaches. When you install it properly, fire separation has a great success rate. Saying this, it is possible to have a breach through ceilings, walls, and floors. This can cause fire and smoke to spread through the property, including into escape routes. In addition, this hampers the actions of the fire services. It can put the fire fighters at great risk.

Limited control is the problem

Compartmentation breaches tend to come down to very limited control. This is over outside contractors who handle the installations. The contractors must remain aware of how vital passive fire protection is. Building owners should check that they do so there are no issues.

Furthermore, you might have to provide training to employees. These are the ones responsible for risk assessments. They must have the right knowledge in relation to the types and location of compartmentation. Moreover, they have to know how they operate so they can check them carefully.

It is also important to know how vital it is to maintain the compartmentation. After all, good upkeep enables it to reach its expected degree of fire resistance.

Compartmentation surveys in Glasgow

At Trident Fire Protection & Training, we have three levels of service. They are Visual, Semi Intrusive, and Fully Intrusive. You should choose the right one for your property. For example, if you have suspended ceilings and lots of utilities passing through compartments, fire and smoke could spread unseen. You need a more intrusive survey here to make sure there are no hidden routes. At the end of a survey you will receive a complete report. This details any problems with your fire safety measures.

If you need help from the number one company working in compartmentation surveys Glasgow has, please give us a call. Our team are reliable and also have the skills to survey any size property.