There are many different elements of fire protection, each playing an important role to keep people and buildings safe. One such example is fire rated walls & ceilings. Of course, they only do a good job when you have quality materials in place. They must meet the requirements to do an adequate job too.

A ceiling with an important job

Fire rated walls & ceilingsWhen it comes to passive fire protection, a ceiling consists of a lining along with support framework, such as fixings, hangers, and insulation. Ceilings are not typically considered a structural element. Rather, they are an extra surface that conceals the underside of the roof structure, or the floor of the above storey. It is possible to attach the ceiling directly to the structural member; you can suspend the ceiling from it, or it can be self-supporting.

The scope of a ceiling in terms of fire protection contributes to the horizontal compartmentation of a building or specific area. This is crucial. The reason is it prevents fire and hot gases spreading to different floors. As a result, it will provide those towards the top of the building with more time to find a safe escape route.

There are a number of choices when looking at ceilings to increase fire safety. On top of this, there are various factors to consider to ensure you make the right choice. Because of that, you should consult with experts to get the best results.

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