Our job is to provide clients with reliable fire protection solutions. These come in various forms, including our fire damper tests. They include full reports that will inform you of the condition of your own dampers. As a result you can be confident they will work or will know you need to fix or replace them.

The majority of employers are great at performing fire drills and testing their fire alarms. However, there are a worrying number of individuals who neglect their fire dampers. You will find these in the ducting of your buildings.

A critical component

Fire damper tests

Metal Duct corner piece with bolted flanges. Taken in a commercial office building.

Dampers are a critical component of a structure’s fire safety infrastructure. Despite this, knowing whether they are going to function or not can be hard. This is unless you maintain and test them frequently.

One main reason why people fail these jobs is because accessing the dampers is tough. In addition, doing tests can be both disruptive and time consuming, causing building owners to put it off. This is a terrible approach though. Not only does it put the lives of everyone at risk, but they can also face a fine.

As for who can perform the test, it is best left to experts like ourselves. Professionals will have the training they need to perform the testing. The trouble with letting someone else do fire damper tests is that they may not do them correctly. They could end up misleading you into believing your dampers work when they don’t. They may also struggle to actually access them. So, you should always do business with someone that has certifications to prove their competence.

Meet those specifications

During the fire damper tests, it is necessary for you to meet the specifications of BS 9999 or the RRO. If you fail to do so, you can be fined up to £10,000. The building owner or employer can also face a two-year prison sentence. According to the RRO, they hold responsibility for maintaining and testing the fire safety equipment.

Something else you will struggle with is claiming for fire damage on the insurance. You won’t be insured unless you supply proof that you have tested the dampers and maintained them. Normally, you need to do this every two years. For spring-operated dampers though, it is 12 months.

Fire officers also come into play here. They have the right and responsibility to close down businesses and issue prohibition notices. Expect them to do this if they are not happy with your efforts.

Reliable fire damper tests

At Trident Fire Protection and Training, we make sure people don’t forget about the fire dampers. We are well aware of how often people do that. As a result, we remind people of how important it is to perform them. Our team is incredibly thorough and won’t leave anything out.

If you require our fire damper tests, please let us know. We have the skills and experience to inspect all kinds of buildings, including those with complex duct systems.