When they require fire damper tests, Newcastle property owners or managers can contact us. Our team are experts and excel at testing these important pieces of fire protection systems. We test each one carefully and then offer a full report on their condition.

If you don’t already know, the dampers shut when a certain smoke/fire or temperature condition is met. The issue here is that people tend to forget about them. It is one of the out of sight, out of mind situations. However, doing this is a big no-no. Instead you should be proactive in maintaining them. We are here to make sure that everything does stay in your mind.

Commercial requirements

Fire damper tests NewcastleIt is necessary for commercial buildings to have strict fire safety procedures. This is for the sake of those who occupy or work inside. It is a statutory requirement to annually test the dampers. Many building owners and employers are not privy to this fact. However, you cannot ignore it.

Fire dampers are a form of lifesaving equipment. They mechanically stop smoke and/or fire from spreading. You can find many electronic and mechanical models from a myriad of manufacturers. When there is a fire, a mechanical model shall spring shut to stop it inside a HVAC system. As a result fire won’t be able to go anywhere else. Electric designs both stop fire and cold or hot smoke.

Difficult to reach dampers

Countless buildings are currently equipped with fire dampers. However, they could be hard to reach for maintenance. Restrictions to access are often to blame here. It is common to see people provide more attention to fire safety gear that is more visible. Examples include sprinklers and fire alarms.

Frequent testing of fire dampers offers you peace of mind though. Should a fire break out, it will be less likely to spread everywhere. Upon installation, you should test the dampers. From there, a professional should inspect them annually.

Fire damper tests in Newcastle

At Trident Fire Protection and Training, we are thorough with all our work. In addition to doing things like drop tests, we supply detailed reports on our findings. We do this for every damper, not just a few of them. With the information at your fingertips, you will be ready to fight smoke and fire in the future.

For the best fire damper tests Newcastle can provide, contact us today. We can work on any size property and will do our best to access every fire damper.