At Trident Fire Protection & Training we work hard to ensure clients take their responsibility for fire safety seriously. We can offer a number of services, including installing fire proof materials and checking compartmentation. In addition, we offer periodic fire damper tests to ensure these potential life saving systems are in working order.

Compartments and fire dampers

Fire Damper TestsCompartmentation is a great way to improve fire safety within a large building. What you do here is split the space into many compartments. Therefore, if a fire starts in one, it won’t be able to quickly spread through the property. Instead it should remain in that single area until the fire proof materials fail.

One of the most important parts of compartmentation in larger buildings is fire dampers. They work to seal off ducts when a fire begins in a compartment. As a result they prevent the blaze and the smoke from exiting via the ductwork.

The key part of the fire dampers is the fusible link. When the heat increases this will melt, ultimately allowing the damper to close and seal the duct when it fails. As a result, it is vital that the link is in a good condition and will work as needed. There must be nothing obstructing it that could cause it not to work.

Is the fire damper clear?

While it is vital that the fusible link is in good condition so it will release and seal the duct, it is not the only thing to check during a test. You also need to make sure there is nothing that could stop the damper from sealing the duct entirely. For example there should be nothing in the way such as cables. Keep the space around the damper clear so that when it needs to fall it will create a strong seal that will stop fire and smoke.

Arrange fire damper tests with Trident

We are proud to be one of the leading companies in our field. The thing that makes our service stand out is we are always honest with our customers. We give them a full picture of the condition of their dampers. In addition, we tell them our recommendations if we feel there is something wrong.

If you want to book fire damper tests, contact us today. We will organise everything with you and arrive with the right equipment to access and closely inspect your compartmentation.