Regular tests are vital to ensure that fire protection systems will perform correctly. The goal here is to ensure that they will be able to prevent the spread of flames and smoke for the right length of time. Every part of the system should get an inspection. This includes fire doors, fire proof walls and ceilings, and seals. It is also crucial to get professional fire damper tests.

What is a fusible link?

Fire Damper TestsWhile it is important to test each damper in its entirety, you need to pay special attention to the fusible link. In most systems this is the component that will trigger it to close. This happens when the temperature rises and causes it to release. When it triggers, the link will no longer be able to support the weight of the fire shutter or curtain. As a result, it will fall and seal off the duct.

There are many different styles of fusible link to choose from. They primarily differ in terms of the shape and the fusing temperature. The latter can range from around 60 all the way to over 250 degrees Celsius. It is important to check this and make sure the fire damper will release at the right point. If it triggers too late it can allow smoke or fire to escape from a compartment, potentially putting the rest of the property and the people in it at risk.


The fire damper tests should include an inspection to make sure they are installed correctly. The test should also make sure they will trigger properly. Generally this will involve actually exposing the link to heat to make sure it releases at the right time. In addition, the check will make sure that nothing will get in the way of the shutter or curtain.

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