Fire rated walls & ceilingsIn multi-storey buildings, it is absolutely crucial to prevent fire from spreading through ceilings and floors. This is incredibly dangerous and could make it hard to evacuate the property. So, it is vital to get the right ceiling designs. This should include materials that will provide sufficient fire proofing. As a top authority on fire rated walls & ceilings, we want to take a quick look at the different options here.


There are lots of great options for decorative metal ceilings. The metals are good when it comes to fire protection because they are non-combustible. It is also relatively easy to add extra fire proof insulate with the metal sheets.


People can make a great statement with beautiful wooden ceilings. However, it is vital that the timber is not going to be a fire risk. It is a good idea to use solid wood that has had a fire proof treatment. If the wood is a composite or veneer, it should have a fire proof core. The goal should be to ensure whatever material you use does not allow fire to spread quickly or develop a lot of smoke.


There are lots of incredible options for acoustic ceilings. For example, they can feature different kinds of panels, tiles, and sheets. Some of these options can have incredibly high fire ratings as well as being incredible to look at.


One of the best options is to choose a continuous suspended ceiling made of high quality fire proof tiles. The tiling can provide a physical barrier to fire. In addition, the gap between it and the building services and upper floor is another barrier. The suspended ceiling will be slightly lower but will also mean that smoke detectors on it will pick up signs of a fire quicker. Sprinklers here will also trigger quicker to fight the fire.

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