At Trident Fire Protection & Training our goal is to reduce the risks associated with fires in different buildings. We have a skilful, knowledgeable team. As a result we can offer a range of services, including compartmentation surveys, training, and more. If you need help, rely on us.

If a fire begins in a property, one of the biggest concerns is that the blaze and smoke will be able to spread through it very quickly. It would be much better if there was a reliable way to contain it. This would provide more time for people to evacuate from other parts of the building. It would also make it easier to fight the fire. The solution is to break the building up into compartments.


The best way to ensure you set up your compartments correctly and have the right things in place is to get a survey. A professional surveyor knows what to look for. They can also report back to you about any issues they spot.

What does a survey include?

Compartmentation surveysTypically every survey will include a full inspection of all fire compartments. For example the surveyor will look at the fire walls, floors, and ceilings. As part of this they may need to look into ceiling voids and under subfloors. They will also take a close look at fire doors and all seals.

Compartmentation surveys will include a full check of all fire dampers. These are a vital part of the compartment that acts to seal ducts when temperatures exceed a certain level. This in turn means that fire and smoke cannot escape the compartment through here.

A vital part of the survey is that it checks the current condition of everything. You may have the right fire doors, dampers, and seals in place. However, wear and tear may mean they are no longer providing the best protection. It may also be that the installation was incorrect. The check will see if there are issues to resolve and determine if you need to replace anything.

The surveys will also check a number of other important things. This includes a check for unprotected structural steelwork and access issues.

Talk to us about compartmentation surveys

Trident Fire Protection & Training has the skills to inspect compartments in almost any kind of building. The reports we provide after each survey are full of detail and recommendations. We can then provide additional services including installing fire rated walls and ceilings.

If you want reliable compartmentation surveys, contact us. We work across the UK and have built a great reputation for how we support our clients.