Our company works across the UK, offering fire protection solutions to clients. This includes specialising in compartmentation surveys. The help we provide is essential in the fight against the spread of fire. If we provide a survey we will be sure to look for all potential risks. Then we will give you our recommendations on how to reduce the risk.

Fires in schools in the UK can cost more than £80million in insurance damages. Most of the major incidents here are arson. When schools do suffer from a fire, the education of school children suffers. Throughout the years, the government has taken measures to restrict the harm a blaze can cause. The aim was to include passive protection within the buildings. This is after refurbishing or rebuilding them.

Passive fire protection

Compartmentation surveys for schoolsThese measures function by building them into the structure’s fabric. This way, they can protect it against fire. Compartmentation is one of the most efficient and important options here. What it does is split the building into a collection of modules. The idea is this can contain the blaze at its origin point.

Containing a fire in this way will prevent it from spreading. It will therefore provide more time for people to evacuate from other parts of the building. In addition, it will limit damages for a period of time and can make it easier for firefighters to extinguish the blaze before things get worse.

You can use fire separating components like fire doors, partitions, and fire resistant glass. With them, it is easier to restrict the spread of flames and smoke through your building. However, you must select the right materials. They must have the correct fire ratings so they are able to prevent fire from spreading for the right period of time.

Call on us to do compartmentation surveys

At Trident Fire Protection & Training, we take our surveys seriously. Our team have the right experience so they know what to look for. They also make sure they check spaces where it could be easy for fire and smoke to pass through, including ducts, suspended ceilings, and under floors. The survey will highlight the building’s weaknesses and suggest what fire protection products to use.

Contact us today if you require our compartmentation surveys. We are flexible to ensure our clients can choose the right time for us to conduct a survey.