Fire door inspections BradfordWe get a lot of questions about fire safety and the measures people should use. Fortunately, we are the leading team specialising in fire door inspections Bradford has. We have the skills to examine vital structures like hospitals and university campuses as well as blocks of flats, offices, and more. We have a huge amount of experience and can offer clear advice to all clients.

With fire doors you must remember several vital considerations. By doing so, you will ensure that the right components are in place. Of all the things you need to think about however, the one you should look out for the most is CE marking.

What is a CE marking?

CE marks are very common in the EU and are becoming more so in the UK due to new regulations. A mark signifies that a product meets the minimum requirements for both health and safety and the environment. The marks signify that the products are safe to sell in member states of the EU.

Why do you need CE marking?

CE MarkYou need CE markings to prove that the product has been legally put on the market under CPR. It also ensures that the fire door meets the relevant British Standard. This includes BS EN 1435-1 for external doors.

To get a CE mark the door must complete a series of tests by a third party. The tests check for a whole array of things, including air leakage, thermal transmittance, impact resistance, and water tightness. It is also vital to test the ability for exit devices as fire doors are usually on escape routes.

Once a door passes the test it gets a CE mark and is ready to enter the market. The manufacturer will have periodic audits to ensure that they continue to make products to the same high standards.

Arrange fire door inspections in Bradford

At Trident Fire Protection & Training, we have experts that check for all sorts of details when they do a fire survey. This includes doors, compartmentation, and fire dampening materials. Being through is what has led to us become the top business for fire door inspections Bradford has.

If you need our aid to survey a property, please contact us. We are happy to help and will take a close look at everything to give you the right guidance.