Proper maintenance of fire dampers is crucial if you wish to make sure that they will work as you intend them to if a fire was to break out. You should test them on a regular basis and follow manufacturer guidelines. This will ensure they are operating properly. We can help with this if you are unable to do a test yourself. In fact, we offer the most professional fire damper tests Leeds clients can ask for.

Why are fire damper tests so vital?

A legal requirement

Fire damper tests LeedsThanks to an update to BS 9999 back in January 2017, it is compulsory for a competent person to test fire dampers. They must do this when installation is complete and a minimum of once a year after this. Before the rule came into place, building standards only asked for testing every 2 years.

Unfortunately, it is still common for fire dampers to go 10 or 15 years without testing. In fact, sometimes it never happens. This is a huge danger in terms of safety for the building as well as those within it. Furthermore, failing to test dampers can leave building owners facing large fines and even possible imprisonment if dampers are not there or don’t comply.

Identify replacement needs

The right procedures for testing will ensure you know if any part of the damper needs replacing. Moreover, tests can reveal incorrect installation. This is more common than you might realise. It could be that the damper was put in propped open or upside down. Both will make it ineffective if there is a fire.

A crucial part of a fire safety system.

Regular testing ensures dampers can do their job effectively. However, many building owners do not even know if they have them or not. They might test fire alarms and complete drills but this is an important part of the system that people often forget about.

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