Having the ability to halt the spread of fire is paramount in many properties. We began this company to ensure that everyone could be confident they had everything in place to allow this. In time, we have become the best business working in compartmentation surveys Newcastle has. If there is one thing you can guarantee with us, it is a high calibre service.

Compartmentation surveys NewcastleDuring your everyday life, you will come across a myriad of fire doors. They will be in shops, public buildings, offices, and maybe even your home if you live in a flat or apartment.

All fire doors will normally have a ‘keep shut’ sign. However, you are probably wondering why it is vital to close them instead of leaving them open. Granting safe passage is critical to any fire safety plan. Yet, fire doors are a vital part of the compartmentation procedure. You need to close them so that fire and smoke cannot spread easily from one compartment to another.


We test the fire doors we sell here in the UK using certain procedures. These are the ones outlined in BS EN 1634-1:2014 or BS 476-22.1987. Tests involve subjecting these doors to fire conditions and then inspecting their performances. The information gained provides the door with its ‘FD’ rating. Normally, it is FD30 or FD60. The number on the end indicates the amount of minutes the door will preserve its stability and integrity for.

There is more to fire doors than resistance

Fire doors can do more than merely resisting heat and fire too. They are designed specifically with intumescent strips along the edges. When encountering heat, said edges expand as much as 10 times their initial thickness. This will seal the door frame. As a result, it stops heat and smoke from forcing their way past the gaps to the other side.

The extra benefit here is lowering the ways oxygen can get into a room. From here, the fire becomes starved of oxygen and can’t grow as fast. The job of a fire door is to account for the weak area in the fire compartment’s integrity. A regular door simply won’t perform as well.

Arrange compartmentation surveys in Newcastle

At Trident Fire Protection & Training, we use our services to offer a full inspection of your fire compartmentation. Our team looks at those areas a standard fire risk assessment would typically ignore. This includes roof and wall voids as well as services.

If you want to arrange the most reliable compartmentation surveys Newcastle has to offer, please speak to us. We have the skills to survey any kind of property and always provide clear info and recommendations.