We are a team that works hard to protect businesses and communities from fire hazards. To do this, we offer a series of important services. Ours happens to be the number one company working in fire door inspections Edinburgh has. To ensure that we do the job right, we are very thorough every time we conduct an examination of your premises.

Fire door inspections EdinburghIn the UK, each fire door needs to have the correct seals. These components expand when they come into direct contact with heat. As a result they close the spaces in between the door leaf and frame when there is a fire. Consequently, fire and smoke aren’t able to permeate throughout the structure. This reduces the spread and makes it safer for people to evacuate and emergency services to tackle the blaze.

In some cases, it could be a requirement for company heads to equip their fire doors with acoustic seals as well. These seals come with all the characteristics of your standard seals. However, they go a step further by stopping sound from moving through the door.

Intumescent seals

There is also another variety of seal that you can have on your fire doors. This would be the intumescent seal. The seals fit into those grooves that exist along the top of the fire door’s frame. Just like with other varieties of seals, once there is enough heat this type starts expanding. There are differences here though. The main one is that they expand multiple times their normal size. This means they are great for larger openings and can provide a tighter seal.

Fire door seals are made from materials like sodium silicate and graphite. However, the precise material shall depend on the seal’s purpose and how quickly it must expand. You must choose a seal that will perform exactly as you want it to.

Fire door inspections in Edinburgh

At Trident Fire Protection & Training, we go out of our way to examine all sorts of details. This includes whether your fire doors have the right fire rating as well as checks of the intumescent strips. Our aim is to make sure that you have the right protection in place to keep your building safe.

If you require the finest fire door inspections Edinburgh has, please speak to us. We can arrange the perfect service for you.