If a fire breaks out in a building it can put everyone and everything in it at risk. However, there are many ways to address this. One way is to choose fire rated walls & ceilings. They can help to reduce the risk of flames and smoke spreading quickly through the building. The idea is to split up the property, creating more barriers so that a blaze doesn’t quickly get out of control. This also gives people more time to respond to the fire.

What is a fire wall?

Fire rated walls & ceilingsAt Trident Fire Protection & Training, we have a lot of experience with fire proofing. As a result, we can advise clients and help them to put the right protective measures in place.

The question above is one we have to answer quite regularly. The basic answer is that it is a surface that resists the spread of fire. Instead of quickly catching, the wall will withstand the blaze for a specific amount of time. This will determine the fire rating.

Fire walls must extend continuously from the foundation all the way up the wall to the roof or ceiling. In some cases they will extend even further up. The idea is that the whole surface has the same fire rating, meaning there are no spots with less fire protection. The height also means there is no gap so fire could get over the wall.

It is also important that the fire rated walls & ceilings will not collapse when there is a blaze. Even if the building constructions will allow materials on either side of the wall to collapse, the fire wall must be able to remain freestanding. What this does is create separate compartments within a building.

In some cases the risks will mean it is necessary to have a double firewall. This provides extra protection and more stability. These walls can feature two different types of fire proof material.

Talk to us about fire rated walls & ceilings

If you are worried about fire proofing in a property, we can help. Our team can survey the structure for you and offer advice about the risks. Then, we can suggest which measures to introduce. This could include new materials for the walls, ceilings, floors, ducts, and more.

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