At Trident Fire Protection & Training we take our job very seriously because we know just how hazardous fires can be. Our entire team is professional so we give our clients the best service. This may be installing fire doors, surveying a property, or providing the best fire damper tests Leicester property owners can ask for. In every case, we always meet the highest standards.

Dampers are very important

Fire damper tests LeicesterOne of the most crucial parts of keeping properties safe from fire is to limit how easily a blaze and smoke can spread. In bigger properties with large HVAC systems this is even harder because there are more routes that both could take. The flames and smoke could spread easily through a whole property if they can get into the air ducts. This can make it hard to create secure compartments.

The solution here is to have fire dampers in the HVAC infrastructure. A damper will close when the temperature reaches a certain level, creating a secure barrier. As a result there is no way that fire or smoke can spread through the ducts. The dampers should be installed on each duct where they pass through fire compartments.

There are two broad types of fire dampers so you need to choose the right one for your needs.

Dynamic dampers

This type features a spring loaded door and a fan that will work continuously. When the temperature exceeds a certain level the mechanism will release and shut the door. The fan will then generate pressure to keep it closed.

Static dampers

Rather than a spring mechanism these dampers feature a curtain or door that falls thanks to gravity. They work in a similar way in that when the temperature exceeds a set limit the curtain or door will fall. However, they don’t have a fan and are best for where fans would not be suitable.

Fire damper tests in Leicester

While the presence of the dampers will give people in the property confidence in their safety, you should not take them for granted. In fact they will likely be in place for a long time before you ever need them. With this in mind you don’t want to risk them not working after sitting for so long. The solution is to get professional testing.

The Trident team can test all kinds of fire dampers. We can check every aspect of the systems, including sensors to detect the heat and mechanical parts that allow them to close. We will give you clear advice on whether they are in good condition or if they need repair or replacement.

To arrange the best fire damper tests Leicester can offer, talk to us today. We can examine any kind of property for you.