At Trident Fire Protection and Training we work hard to help clients keep properties safe from fires. We can offer many useful services, including surveying and teaching inhabitants what to do if there is a hazard. One of the things we do is offer reliable fire damper tests Liverpool clients rate highly. Here we take a close look at each damper to ensure it will work properly if you ever need it.


Fire Damper Tests LiverpoolThis is one of the most important ways of mitigating fire risk. With it, a property can be split into compartments to make it so that fire cannot spread quickly. Using fire proof materials to create floors, walls and ceilings, it is possible to keep the fire within a single compartment. This gives time for people to evacuate the rest of the property.

The most vital thing with compartmentation is to ensure there are no ways for fire or smoke to spread to another part of the property. As a result you need to consider all of the routes it could take. While the core of your compartment will be fire proof walls, floors, ceilings, and doors, you also need to think about things like the HVAC system and amenities. You don’t want these to be flaws in the compartment.

Fire dampers

The issue here is you can’t seal up these ducts and other pipes if you still want them to work for ventilation, cooling, heating, and more. The majority of the time you will be fine with them being unencumbered. It is only when a fire occurs that they need to seal. The way to do this is to install fire dampers. These useful devices can trigger automatically or manually when there is a fire. This seals the duct or pipe to stop fire and smoke.

Fire dampers are so important that you have to ensure the installation is correct. It must be done by a qualified professional so they are in the right location and will create a proper seal. On top of this, the dampers require regular inspection. You must maintain them in compliance with the guidance in BS 9999:2017.

Fire damper tests in Liverpool

Trident is the team you can trust to test your fire dampers and ensure they will work properly. We have a lot of experience and the very best qualifications. As a result clients can trust us to be professional and give them the right advice.

If you need to arrange fire damper tests Liverpool had nobody better than us. Contact Trident today to book an appointment.