For those who are unfamiliar with us, our company exists to help keep people safe from the dangers of fire. This includes specialising in the supply of thermal insulation. The types we work with include glass fibre, mineral wool, and phenolic. As a result, we can offer the best one for each client.

The harm fire can cause in structures is huge. Every year, people suffer due to incidents that come about as a result of fires. The blazes have a big environmental and financial effect as well.

When you fight a fire, every second is vital. Fire-resistant substances like mineral wool give you those extra minutes. With them, you can halt the spread of fires. This limits the damage that can be done to the building. More importantly, it will save lives. This is because it will stop a fire from spreading quickly.

Fire prevention standards

Thermal insulationThe EU, national governments, and industrial authorities all enforce strict fire prevention standards. They do this on industry and business. As a result, they can dictate what materials and systems should be in buildings.

Mineral wool insulation is the perfect fire protection substance. For one thing, it is non-combustible. In addition, it does not conduct heat. It can endure temperatures that exceed 1000ÂșC. Therefore, it is great for fire-retardant uses. Said uses include as sheathing of girders and building supports. It is also useful for fire-resistant partition walls and doors. Another use would be as a cover for ceilings.

Glass wool and stone insulation are popular in many types of buildings. This is because they enable people to use them in high-risk, vital applications. Examples include petrochemical refineries and offshore oil rigs.

Certain insurers also ask building owners to enhance the fire protection. They do so by providing lower premiums.

Talk to us about thermal insulation

At Trident Fire Protection & Training, we work hard to ensure your fire proofing is sufficient. We want to make certain it meets the best performances standard. This is the one found in Part L of the Building Regulations.

If safety is your top priority, please speak to our team. We can supply thermal insulation, fire doors, and more. In addition, we provide risk assessments and surveys too.