As you can tell from our name, our speciality is fire protection. In fact, we are one of the industry leaders when it comes to things like compartmentation. We use our experience as well as the best products on the market. Doing so allows us to give every client the best solutions. This is the case when we are aiding them with thermal insulation or one of our other services.

Mineral wool is one of the most popular insulation materials. People use it in buildings all over the world. One of the main reasons why is because it is fireproof. In fact, it is virtually incombustible. It does not propagate flames or fuel fire. As a result, any building that uses it enhances its fire safety automatically. However, there is more to the material than simply being fireproof.

Less dense

For starters the wool is not a thick material. That means it is not as dense as most other options. Despite this, it is an effective insulator. What this means is that fewer emissions and less energy is necessary to manufacture it. This helps to improve its environmental credentials even more.

Fewer CO2 emissions

Its use limits the CO2 emissions as well. Installing 270mm worth of mineral wool in an uninsulated loft can save a household as much as 800kg of CO2 annually. This can enhance the environmental efficiency of a house. What’s more, it lowers energy requirements. Therefore, users will be able to save on fuel and money.


Finally, mineral wool uses recycled materials in its production. For example, it is one of the many products that use glass from old bottles and containers. That means it is greener than other materials.

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