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Compartmentation surveys ManchesterCompartmentation of the roof void is vital in many buildings. The void is a huge space that could give fire and smoke an easy way to travel all over the property. Luckily you can split the space up into compartments and use fire proof materials to stop this.

Your fire protection for the roof void shall have to consider the effect of heat radiation through any barrier you install. On top of this, you also have to think about the strength of the edifice it will be fixed to.

Heat radiation

There is a new trend to use fabric cavity barriers in roof voids. However, you must ensure the radiation through them is not going to pass a certain point. Roof members some length from the barriers can’t ignite on the vulnerable face. In some cases, non-insulating cavity materials might become useless. This is if you have not thought about the structure’s vulnerability to fire spread if heat radiation is too high. Using other barriers that don’t line up with compartmentation lines can be a waste too.

Structural engineers

You should not install cavity barriers inside roof voids by yourself. Instead, do it in tandem with guidance from a structural engineer. They will appreciate exactly what is going to occur with the structure. This is once it meets temperatures between 800°C and 1000°C. Here, even steel joists that hold water tanks don’t have much fire resistance. In addition, you must think about how tolerant these barriers will be to falling debris.

A number of materials turn weak and brittle when you expose them to fire. You might need something more robust that you can rely on. It could result in more changes for the roof rather than simply installing new barriers.

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