The risk to life and potential damage fires can cause is much higher if they can spread quickly through a building. The way to mitigate this is to use materials that won’t catch fire right away. It is particularly vital to have fire rated walls & ceilings. This can help confine blazes to certain areas for a specified period of time.

Get the right fire rating

There are lots of different materials to choose from for walls and ceilings. What you need to do is ensure you select ones with the right fire rating. This can be a little tricky because you need to understand what the ratings mean. Luckily, we can help.

What you need to look for is the fire resistance. This will generally be written as three numbers separated by dashes, such as 60/60/60. Each number represents the amount of time the material will resist fire. The three numbers represent the most vital criteria – structural, integrity, and insulation. So, if we take the example above, it means the materials will be fire resistant for 60 minutes in each criteria.

What you need to do is ensure the material you choose will provide the right level of fire resistance in the right criteria. That way you will have suitable fire rated walls & ceilings. Materials don’t always offer the same amount of resistance in each one. Some won’t offer any in a category because it is not necessary.


Just having the right materials in place is not enough though. You also need to maintain them carefully. Damage could compromise the fire proofing and mean they won’t resist fire for as long as they should. Any alterations you do to the materials should also be checked.

Surveying fire rated walls & ceilings

Trident Fire Protection & Training has the skills to survey and test all kinds of fire proofing. Our team are experts and know exactly what to look for. They will work carefully through a property, checking walls and ceilings, doors, fire dampers, seals, and more. As a result our clients will get a full, clear report.

If you want a professional survey from a reliable third party, please contact us. We have a great reputation and always test with care.