Did you know that it is just as important to get regular fire damper tests as it is to test fire alarms? In fact, you should be checking both every year to make sure they are working properly. This is a legal requirement and a vital part of ensuring buildings have better fire safety.

Do you have dampers?

Some people don’t even know if their property has fire dampers. This is a bad oversight. If they don’t, they are failing to practice proper compartmentation. In addition, they are leaving routes open that could make it much easier for smoke and fire to spread in a building.

You should have dampers in ducts where they exit a compartment. As a result, a single duct that goes through a property can have several of them in different locations. Each one must work properly.

Reliable testing

Fire Damper TestsThe important thing to remember about fire damper tests is it can be tricky to access them. However, this is not an acceptable excuse for failing to comply. If there are obstacles or access problems, you need to call an expert. They can find a solution that will allow them to check and test the dampers.

Every test should involve several important things. Firstly, the tester should clean the damper to make sure there is no dirt or debris in place to prevent operation. In addition, they should check to make sure there are no obstacles to prevent the damper from closing entirely. It may also be necessary to lubricate the mechanism so it will open smoothly.

The test must involve physically triggering the damper to make sure it will release if necessary. The tester should do this manually. Afterwards they must reset the damper carefully.

During testing, it is important to look for any signs that the damper is broken. It may be necessary to repair parts to ensure it will deliver the right fire protection if called on.

Contact us for fire damper tests

Trident Fire Protection & Training is a company that clients with all kinds of buildings can rely on. If you need testing for dampers, we can help. Our team has experience with office blocks, large industrial buildings, and more. On every job they will take a proper look at each damper and the area around it to make sure it will work properly.

So, if you need to arrange testing to ensure you comply with your requirements, please contact us.