In order to halt the spread of fire, you need to have the proper solutions in place. Our establishment helps with this by providing the finest fire rated walls and ceilings. Despite being top quality, our services come at fair prices as well.

A fire rated wall is a vital part of a structure’s fire protection system. It is a wall that has been examined as well as certified by the appropriate authorities. Two basic forms of these walls exist. One is a structurally secure wall that has been certified to stop fire spreading from one side of a structure to another. The other would be the fire barrier wall. They supply protection without being structurally sound.

Make yours a soundproof wall

You might be considering installing a fire barrier wall in your property. If so, you might want to think about making it a soundproof wall. One of these walls by itself is not really going to create a completely soundproof space. However, you can use simple construction methods to lower the noise coming from the area past the wall.

Where to start?

Your first step should be to select a location for your wall. Try to go for a spot that permits you to tie into a stud on the adjoining wall. You can make use of the stud finder to locate one that will aid you in obtaining more stability.

Marking the floor and supporting wall

Fire rated walls and ceilingsNext, you will have to mark the floor and supporting wall. Once you pick the location, you should cut a length of 2.6 inch lumber. Do this to the length of your partition wall. Afterwards, position a piece of lumber on your floor. You can use this to produce an outline using a pencil. Then, cut a segment of 2×6 inch lumber. It needs to be the height of your current walls, except shorter by three inches. Following this, stack this lumber piece up against your wall. Create an outline with your pencil here too.

The next major step is to install the bottom plate. Line your 2×6 inch lumber up to the outline you drew using your pencil. Then, nail your bottom plate to your flooring. Align the lumber piece you cut for supporting the adjoining wall carefully. See to it that it is level prior to nailing this into the stud that lies behind your drywall.

The help you need with fire rated walls and ceilings

At Trident Fire Protection & Training, we are always happy to help clients who struggle. Our fire rated walls and ceilings use some of the finest materials. The experts we have can specify and install efficient systems for you.

So, if you would like our help with fire rated walls and ceilings, get in touch with us today. We have the skills to work in a huge array of industries, catering for almost any kind of building.