There are a huge number of British Standards for an array of topics and areas. For instance, standard 9999 Code of Practice for the Fire Safety of building design, management, and use covers ducting. Regardless of whether ducts are for heating, air conditioning, or ventilation, they need to have fire dampers. These play a crucial role in fire safety by stopping it from spreading through a building via the ductwork. However, to make sure they are working correctly, fire damper tests are necessary.

When do fire dampers need testing?

Fire damper testsTo comply with this British Standard, you must test dampers when you first install them. After this, a test is necessary every 2 years at a minimum. If you have sprint-operated dampers, then testing will need to take place every year in order to comply. It is important to be aware that more frequent testing might be necessary if they are in places with a lot of dust contamination.

Who can complete a test?

You should not try to test a fire damper unless you have the right training. Professionals like us have this, meaning we can complete work that complies with BS 9999. If you let someone without the right knowledge work on your system, it is likely that they will not complete the test to a sufficient standard. This runs the risk of believing your fire safety system is safe when there is a fault that could stop it from working. So, make sure you choose workers carefully.

Whose responsibility is maintenance and testing?

Thanks to Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, the employer is responsible for caring for their fire safety system. Anyone who owns a building or runs a business has to ensure regular tests are arranged and check proper maintenance is completed.

Fire damper tests maximise safety

At Trident Fire Protection & Training Ltd we recognise how dangerous fires can truly be. This is especially so when no measures are in place to avoid them or prevent spreading. This is why our array of services is on offer. You can then know that you are fulfilling your legal and moral responsibilities by keeping people safe when they are in your building.

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