Our team exists to ensure that everyone is safe in the event a fire by reducing the risk it will spread. To this end, we offer a plethora of vital services. For one we are the foremost company performing fire door inspections Birmingham has. With us, nothing gets left out.

Fire door inspections BirminghamOne of the most important places to have fire doors would be inside a hospital. In fact, they are vital safety features of these buildings. They supply a barrier that delays or outright stops the spread of smoke and fire. At the same time, they maximise the amount of time there is for egress. This lets the inhabitants evacuate to somewhere safe.

With healthcare establishments, securing escape routes for as long as possible can be critical. This is especially true for those with limited mobility. Examples include the elderly and infirm.

Hospitals are especially tough on doors

Hospitals and similar settings are also especially tough when it comes to doors. Traffic passes through them throughout the day. As a result, you should expect damage. This can come from patients, porters’ trolleys, staff, beds, and wheelchairs. Tears, dents, and cracks in the doors can lower their efficiency when there is a fire. In addition, they can house bacteria and dirt. Both of these compromise hygiene.

Patient safety is what is most important here. Therefore, you must replace or repair a hospital fire door if there is damage.

Choose the right replacement

What you must do is choose a hospital fire door that offers a suitable degree of fire protection. At the same time, it should have enough strength to lower the likelihood of needing repairs or regular replacement.

Doors are a vital element of the building fabric. Therefore, easy cleaning is also essential to assist with infection control and prevention.

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At Trident Fire Protection & Training, we have experts who conduct all sorts of checks. This includes details like whether your doors have the correct intumescent strips and fire rating for its position. After every inspection we give the client a report with lots of useful information in it.

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