Thermal insulation

As our name states, we are experts at fire protection. We supply our clients with a range of solutions to keep them and their properties safe. This includes thermal insulation. In addition, we excel at consultancy and training. No matter how big or small the project is, we can support you.

There are some of you who might not know what fireproof or fire resistant insulation is. They are materials that are able to endure heat and also resist burning. The goal with using them is to slow the fire spread so it can safeguard the structure.

Important details

Fireproof insulation is the more common choice. It is a good option for industrial, domestic, and commercial projects. The materials can stand up to extreme temperatures. They also ensure there is no release of toxic smoke when flames come into contact with them.

Then we have insulation that is not combustible or with limited combustibility. They function by slowing the flame spread and protecting the structure. As a result they give the inhabitants time to escape if there is a fire.


There are several fire insulation materials to think about. One option is expanding foam. This has the potential to supply 240 minutes of fire rating. People employ it as an effective seal against smoke and gas. It has become very popular over the years due to its cost efficiency. The foam adheres to the relevant regulations so you can use it on all kinds of properties.

Another option is multifoil and foil insulation. These two have a brilliant fire rating for the spread of flame and fire propagation. They are tested to the highest standards.

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