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If you are based in Newcastle and in need to fire protection then don’t hesitate to contact Trident Fire Protection & Training Ltd today! Our aim is to make sure our clients are provided with the best fire protection solutions. We start our assessment process by always making sure an appointment is made with your site to complete a full check of your system. Information and training can be provided for yourself, and other employees in your business, regarding the use of any system present on site.


Fire Protection Services in Newcastle

Here at Trident Fire Protection & Training Ltd, we offer a comprehensive range of fire protection services to our clients in and around the Newcastle area. Some of the services we can provide to our clients are:

  • Fire risk assessments
  • Asbestos surveys and sampling
  • Steelwork intumescent coating/encasement
  • Blast proof enclosures and partitions
  • Cavity barriers/Fire curtains
  • Building compartmentation
  • Air Sealing
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Load bearing compound floor penetrations
  • Fire rated walls and ceilings
  • Compartmentation surveys and report
  • Intumescent Paint Inspection



Experienced Team

We have a team of fire protection experts who have undergone extensive training. Our team have all of the skills and knowledge needed to provide professional advice and training.


Years Of Experience

With years of experience in the fire protection industry, you can count on Trident Fire Protection & Training Ltd for all of your fire protection solutions. From systems to consultancy and much more.

Established Company

As an established fire protection company, we have worked with many different types of businesses and industries throughout Newcastle and the surrounding areas.

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Due to a new job role, I was in need of fire safety protection. I came across Trident Fire Protection and I was not disappointed! The team really know what they are talking about and leave no stone unturned!

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Fire Assessments

A fire risk assessment is a process involving the systematic evaluation of the factors that determine the hazard from fire, the likelihood that there will be a fire and the consequences if one were to occur. There are both qualitative and quantitative methods of risk assessment that can be used. We have been carrying out fire assessments for our clients throughout Newcastle and the surrounding areas for many years.

Why Choose Us For Fire Protection in Newcastle?

At Trident Fire Protection & Training Ltd, we have been offering our fire protection services in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and the surrounding areas for many years. No matter what type of service you might require, whether it be training, solutions or consultancy, we have you covered. We believe some of the reasons you can choose us are:

  • Years of industry experience
  • Team of fire protection specialists
  • Offer solutions, training and consultancy
  • Well-known reputation
  • Work with all types of businesses
  • Cover the whole of Newcastle


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I have worked with the Trident team on many occasions. Always provide a great service and I would highly recommend them.

Jasmina Dores

I was in need of fire protection systems for my business and came across Trident. First class service and the team where always on hand.

Sam Case

I chose Trident Fire Protection & Training Ltd for fire protection training to help me better understand how to protect my business.

Peter Foster

For Fire Protection Services in Newcastle, Contact Trident Fire Protection & Training Ltd

If you are based in Newcastle and in need of fire protection services then don’t hesitate to contact Trident Fire Protection & Training Ltd today. As experts in fire protection, we can provide cutting edge material, technologies and know how relating to fire protection. Over the years, we have worked with all types of clients including building facilitators, construction companies, business owners and many more. We pride ourselves on offering a first class and high standard of service in all areas of fire protection. Contact our team at Trident Fire Protection & Training Ltd today to discuss your fire protection requirements.



What is a fire risk assessment?

A fire risk assessment is a check of a building for fire risks, all blocks of flats and large houses in multiple occupation in England and Wales must have one. The assessment includes recommendations about how to protect the building and the people in or near it from fire. It’s effectively a guide book for fire safety plans in your building.

What does a fire risk assessment include?

A fire risk assessment involves how likely is a fire to start, the consequences if a fire did start, and what needs to be done in the building to minimise the risk of fire starting to spread

How often does a fire risk assessment need to be reviewed?

Whilst there are no specific laws regarding how often fire risk assessments must be done or reviewed. The law simply states that the person responsible for the assessment in your building must review it regularly to ensure that it’s up to date.

Why does a fire risk assessment need to be reviewed frequently?

It must be reviewed if there’s a reason to think it could be no longer valid (there has been a fire), or if significant changes have been made since the assessment was provided, for example, major building works or more people using the building.

Who is responsible for carrying out a fire risk assessment?

This could be one of three people including, the owner (freeholder) of the building, a residents’ management company or a managing agent.

Who provides a fire risk assessment?

There is no law around this, however the person must be competent enough to complete a suitable and sufficient risk assessment of the particular building. At Trident Fire Protection and Training, we specialise in providing fire risk assessments to the highest standards, there’s no need to consider anywhere else when it comes to a safe and secure building.

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For more information on the fire protection services we offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us. One of our team is always on hand to answer questions and deal with enquiries.