Fire Damper Inspections Manchester

For Fire Damper Inspections in Manchester, you’ve come to the right place.  Trident Fire Protection & Training Ltd carry out testing and inspections on your building.  Our fully qualified and experienced professionals complete adequate surveys and provide clients with reports regarding any improvements that need to be made to your building.  Speak to our team today for Fire Damper Testing in Manchester.

Fire Damper Inspections and Testing in Manchester

Fire Dampers are used to prevent the spread of fire and smoke in an emergency. They are crucial when it comes to the safety of a building in the event of a fire. Fire Dampers are part of the fire safety systems of buildings, and regular inspections should be completed to ensure they are in peak working condition.

It is proven that well maintained and fully working Fire Dampers saves lives, whereas neglected and poorly maintained Fire Dampers increases the risk of death in the event of a fire.

For reliable Fire Damper inspections in Manchester and the surrounding areas, contact Trident Fire Protection today.

How Do Fire Dampers Work?

Fire Dampers work to prevent the spread of fire and smoke in buildings. They work through fusible links which hold spring-loaded shutters open. In the event of a fire, high temperatures are reached, this is typically 72°C, when this temperature is detected the fusible link will fuse or melt and the shutter closes. When the shutter closes this prevents the hot air and smoke from spreading. New regulations are in place specifying that actuated and/or motorised dampers have to be installed throughout the protected escape routes of buildings that link up to fire detection systems to prevent the passage of dangerous smoke-filled air into the escape routes.

Fire Dampers are Proven to Save Lives

Fire Dampers that we are well looked after and maintained regularly are proven to save lives, if you are based in Manchester and the surrounding areas and require the Fire Dampers in your building to be tested, contact the experts at Trident Fire Protection. Fully functioning Fire Dampers are essential when it comes to preventing the smoke from a fire spreading through a building and saving lives. Here at Trident Fire Protection, we offer extensive tests to ensure that the Fire Dampers you have in your building will work effectively in the event of a fire.


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Fire Damper Inspection and Testing in Manchester

We have been providing customers throughout Manchester and the UK with comprehensive Fire Damper inspections and testing, our full assessments include the following:

  • Existing fire compartments are fully inspected
  • The walls, floors, ceilings, and corridors of your buildings are visually inspected
  • We ensure that the current conditions meet British Standards, Approved Document B and Fire Strategy of the building
  • Damage which may reduce the effectiveness of the fire compartments is assessed
  • Our engineers provide comprehensive reports with recommended improvements that need to be made

If you require more information on the Fire Damper inspection and testing services we provide to clients throughout Manchester speak to a member of our experienced and professional team today, we will be more than happy to assist you.

Why You Should Choose Trident Fire Protection for Fire Damper Inspections

The team at Trident Fire Protection have been providing Fire Damper inspections and testing to clients throughout Manchester and the UK now for a number of years. Our professional team of engineers are fully qualified and experienced to ensure all of our clients receive a high level of service, with correct advice and competent inspections. Effective Fire Damper inspections can be carried out on a variety of different buildings, after listening to our customer feedback we believe you should choose us because:

  • Reliable and professional
  • Fully qualified engineers
  • Efficient and effective service
  • We cover the whole of the UK


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For Fire Damper Inspection and Testing in Manchester Contact Us

Should you be based in Manchester and the surrounding areas and require an effective Fire Damper inspection for your property, make us your first port of call.  Our fully qualified and professional team complete every aspect of fire safety services. From initial call to the completion of the inspection, we work closely with clients to keep your building safe and meets current British regulations and standards.  For more information or to book an inspection, speak to us today.

Fire Damper Inspections Throughout Manchester


What is a Fire Damper?

Fire Dampers are present in the ductwork and veiling cavities of buildings, if a fire arises and high temperatures are detected they are designed to close, and prevent the spread of smoke throughout the building.

Who is responsible for Fire Damper inspections and testing?

If you are a building manager, owner, or landlord, you are responsible.  You have a duty of care to all of the employees and visitors at your building to provide a safe environment.

What is a Fire Damper inspection?

A Fire Damper inspection inspects and test the mechanics of the fire dampers, to ensure they are well maintained and working correctly in the event of a fire.   

How often should Fire Damper testing be carried out?

We recommend that Fire Damper inspections take place annually, to book your fire damper test contact a member of our team.

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Should you require any of our fire protections services be sure to speak to the team at Trident Fire Protection & Training Ltd.  Our professional team are always on hand to assist you. We work throughout Manchester and the UK providing consultancy, training and solutions for fire protection.