Compartmentation surveysOur team operates all across the UK. We offer first rate compartmentation surveys to every client that requires them. The aim is to ensure we provide the best results every time. As a result, we also work with construction companies and building facilitators. Regardless of what the client’s needs are, we go above and beyond to meet them.

Anyone who is familiar with compartmentation knows that it brings plenty of advantages with it. If we are being honest, several of them are necessities. For example, there is how it will limit the ability of a fire to spread and put others in danger. Moreover, there is the prevention of fire spreads in the first place. So, as you can see, it is vital for all efficient fire safety strategies.

The risk of open plan

In the modern world, open-space design tends to be crucial in a number of buildings. Because of this, architects and designers face a series of challenges. They need to reconcile open plan designs with fire safety regulations. One of the issues with open plan is it tends to remove fire barriers. Such action leaves structures vulnerable fire spread and lots of damage.

The perfect solution

In buildings like these, fire curtains are proving to be the ideal solution. Thanks to them, functionality, safety, and aesthetics can all coexist. Instead of a firewall, the curtains can be hidden in a door frame or ceiling. They don’t emerge until the system alarm activates them. As a result, they permit seamless open plan designs while also meeting the strictest safety regulations. We can attribute this to their temporary compartmentation ability. In other words, they are out of sight until you need them.

Compartmentation surveys

At Trident Fire Protection and Training, we help clients to keep their buildings safe from fires. Surveys are a large part of our efforts. They help us to inspect those areas that are hidden from view. This is crucial as smoke and fire can pass through them without you noticing. We will inspect ceilings, floors, around fire doors, and even in ducts and other holes in a compartment.

If you need our compartmentation surveys, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can offer reliable services every time so our clients can be confident working with our team.