We are a team responsible for providing the most thorough fire door inspections Glasgow has ever seen. Our team looks into all sorts of buildings. They ensure these installations are providing adequate protection. Have faith that we will check everything for you so we won’t leave anything to chance.

Fire doors are strong measures for fire safety that you must examine and maintain. It is the same for any other life-preserving system in your building. These doors work by stopping the spread of smoke and fire through the structure. This safeguards lives. In addition, it keeps your property and those neighbouring it secure. However, this is only true if you properly maintain them so they stay in working condition.

Can you spot all issues with a door?

Some people believe they know which doors must be repaired and wonder why they require a survey. A comprehensive survey from a competent individual shall aid you in pinpointing the door’s actual issues. Moreover, you will find out how to do the repairs in a compliant way.

Are those doors actually compliant?

Fire door inspections GlasgowOthers believe that because building control passed their doors, they are compliant. It is normal for building inspectors to sign off on structures. However, just because they do does not mean they did a full assessment. It is only in principle that the building gets signed off. The responsibility for supplying a safe building lies with the responsible individual.

Every fire door should meet the minimum requirements for ironmongery and seals/strips. It is the same for gaps, condition, and structure.

Last but not least, just because they were passed when your building was signed off does not mean they are compliant now. Wear and tear or other issues could mean they no longer offer the right protection.

Fire door inspections in Glasgow

At Trident Fore Protection & Training, we make certain that our clients’ doors are compliant. Furthermore, we work hard to identify every issue with them. As a result we can offer advice about repairs that could improve the level of protection.

If you require the finest fire door inspections Glasgow has to offer, please let us know. We can arrange a service for you.