Every business should think about how dangerous a fire could be if there was one in their building. A single blaze could put lives and assets at risk. As a result, they should have comprehensive measures in place to prevent, limit, and fight fires. They may need to do risk assessments and compartmentation surveys first to decide what to do. In some cases, they may even need a fire strategy.

What is it?

Compartmentation surveysThe best definition of a fire strategy is in the PAS 911 document from BSI. It says that the strategies are a set of measures that encompass everything from precautions to management and fire safety/protection.

To create a strategy a business must develop and then implement policies to address the fire risks. The procedures must be specific to the business. As a result they can prioritise the protection of the people in the building and the assets.

Is it a legal requirement?

Fire safety is an important topic at the moment. However, that does not mean that businesses could be lax in the past. In fact, the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 says that every business should have a fire strategy.

What to include in a strategy?

The best strategy will have as much info as possible. It can form the basis for things like fire risk assessments and compartmentation surveys. There should be a clear schedule for when to conduct them and how to track any changes in the building that could increase the risk of fires.

When it comes to deciding what to do about fire protection and prevention, you should consult the strategy. It can include info about the people and assets that you need to protect. This in turn can help with decisions like what kind of fire proofing to use.

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