Thermal insulationOne of the most crucial things to keep in mind when you consider compartmentation is how important the thermal insulation is. It serves two vital purposes. Firstly it helps to save energy and can make properties greener. On top of this it can help to stop fire for spreading. To do the latter it needs to be highly resistant to fire.

Insulation boards are one of the many forms people can choose for their property. They are suitable for use in floors, walls, and ceilings. However, before settling on what type of board to use, it is a good idea to look at the physical properties. This can ensure you choose one that will tick the right boxes.

Thermal conductivity

The aim with any type of insulation is to ensure it has very low thermal conductivity. This can help to prevent heat from escaping from rooms and buildings. Ideally you want boards that don’t absorb and transfer a lot of heat.

Moisture absorption

Many insulating materials can absorb moisture. This can increase the volume and cause issues if you don’t prepare for it. Ideally boards should gain less than 1% of their volume when they are in ambient temperatures.

Working temperature

There are concerns that the temperatures in a space will affect the performance of materials. With thermal insulation boards there should be no adverse physical change in the material even above ambient temperatures. For example there should be no shrinkage.

Bulk density

Another thing to think about is how dense the boards are. The density should be within acceptable limits. It will typically be less than 300kg/m3.

Ask us about thermal insulation

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