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Compartments in flats

Compartmentation surveys LeicesterWith purpose built blocks of flats, they are typically subject to several design principles. One of these is that there must be a great amount of compartmentation between every flat. This also needs to be the case between common parts of the block. In addition, there has to be a low fire risk in common areas. This is because of precautionary management.

The idea is that compartmentation shall halt the spread of fire in the building. As a result it can give people in neighbouring homes more time to evacuate if there is a fire. This also ensures that someone’s actions will not jeopardise the safety of their neighbours.

A high standard

For this to happen, your compartmentation has to meet a very high standard. It must exceed the smoke and fire containment needs. This is one that people would usually class as sufficient to safeguard the escape routes.

When the compartmentation is a good standard it can allow people in flats remote from the flames to remain where they are for longer. Moreover, the means of escape will be safe. This shall leave it secure for an evacuation if it is necessary.

Essentially, this is the essence of the stay put principle. Since before the 1960s, it has supported the fire safety design standards. It was during this time when the national standards were drafted. To this day, it remains the basis on which we design blocks of flats.

Compartmentation surveys in Leicester

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