Trident Fire Protection & Training has become a reputable business by supplying its clients with an array of vital services. People consider us the leading establishment specialising in compartmentation surveys Liverpool has. We have three levels to choose from so we can suit any unique requirements.


Compartmentation surveys LiverpoolWhen you design a building, you need to think about all of the regulations that exist. One of the most crucial codes dictates the size of the compartments inside. This is to lower the chances of fire spreading. You should ensure your design complies with the rules.

The ceilings, floors, and walls of the compartments also must have an insulation and fire rating. These typically range from half an hour to four hours. Everything depends on how much you use the premises.

The presence of sprinklers and sighting of the compartment are also vital. The idea is that when there is a fire, smoke and heat will remain inside instead of spreading to other compartments and public spaces. The result is less risk to properties and lives.

Protecting breaches

While the design must comply with the regulations, occupants must also be able to use their compartments properly. For this to happen, you need to make breaches for elements like expansion joints and doors. To do this and maintain the fire protection you need to install built-in fire measures. This includes the right doors as well as suitable seals.

Take a little time to push some ceiling tiles up above a fire door. Do this and you may find a myriad of services passing through the wall. These services may not have enough protection. If so, fire and smoke can leave the compartment, completely bypassing your fire door. To stop this you need seals and dampening materials.

Compartmentation surveys in Liverpool

At Trident Fire Protection & Training, we take our work very seriously. Our three levels of survey are Visual, Semi Intrusive, and Fully Intrusive. This means our clients can decide how closely they want us to look at their property. Thanks to our trained surveyors, we can issue a full report when we complete the survey. This will include lots of useful info as well as our recommendations.

If you want to work with the foremost company for compartmentation surveys Liverpool has, please speak to us. We have the right skills and give each client the best support we can.