Correct installation and maintenance of fire dampers is absolutely crucial. They have an important role to play in protecting buildings. When temperatures exceed a certain level, they should be able to close to prevent fire and smoke from spreading. However a number of issues can prevent this from happening. It is important to know about and address them before an accident occurs. One of the best ways to do this is to arrange proper testing. We can provide that, offering the most reliable fire damper tests Manchester clients can ask for.

Common problems

Fire damper tests ManchesterA number of the common issues with dampers prevent them from closing properly if needed. For example it may be that the damper is skewed of even upside down. Most of these problems are because of incorrect installation.

Another issue we see regularly is things obstructing the damper or propping it open. In most cases the dampers are installed before finishing touches are done on the building. As a result some people run data cables and services later without considering that they will prevent the damper from closing fully. It may even be joinery or other elements holding the damper open.

Some issues with the installation make it tricky to maintain dampers. For example they may lack an access panel entirely so it is impossible to see the damper. If there is a panel, it must be big enough and in the right location to allow the tester to see the damper. It is also an issue if there is anything obscuring or blocking the access panel.

By far the biggest problem with fire dampers is a broken fusible link. This is the component that must release when the temperature exceeds a certain level. If there is any damage and it can’t release, the damper is impotent.

There are many other potential issues with dampers to be aware of. For example they could be too remote from the fire partition or leave gaps around the edge. In addition there may be problems with the runner or damper channel. If they are malformed or full of dirt and debris it can inhibit the function of the system.

Arrange fire damper tests in Manchester

It is important to test fire dampers every year. This way you can be confident they will work if you need them. If there are any issues, it is wise to resolve them as soon as possible.

Trident Fire Protection & Training can arrange testing for you. We have a skilful team and take a close look at each damper. We will report our findings in full and include recommendations. So, if you need the most reliable fire damper tests Manchester can offer, contact us. We will ensure you get the best service.