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New guidance for cladding remediation

Compartmentation surveysOne aspect of buildings that has been in the spotlight for the last five years is cladding. Since the disaster at Grenfell there has been a big focus on how safe it is and the impact on the entire building.

As part of the investigation into the dangers of cladding, there was new guidance published on remediation on 21st July. You can read it here. It comes in response to the findings that many residential blocks have serious defects in terms of their fire safety because of the original construction or a historic change. Most notable here is the inclusion of unsafe cladding.

The new guidance says that, due to the risks, remediation of the cladding may be necessary in a number of cases. In some situations it may even be necessary to install compartmentation between flats in the building.

The guidance provides details of the impact on leaseholders. In some cases a qualifying leaseholder will have protection against the costs of remediation, including installing new materials. They may also be able to reclaim any money they have already spent.

Get an assessment

The best thing to do here is to get an assessment from a fire safety expert like us. We can do a survey of the building to have a look at the current situation in terms of risks, compartmentation, and condition of things like fire doors. The information from the survey can then ensure you take appropriate steps for remediation.

Book compartmentation surveys with us

Trident Fire Protection & Training Ltd is a reputable company with the skills to survey all kinds of buildings. Our team are experts with the best knowledge and know exactly what to look for. There are even different levels of testing, including a comprehensive one where we check in ducts etc to give a full picture of the situation.

So, if you need to book compartmentation surveys, contact us. We can arrange an appointment with you, conduct the survey, and give you a report with the findings.